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Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Stream

Students in any graduate program of the Economics Department who have obtained a GPA of B or higher at the time of application and a grade of B+ or higher in ECON 761 OR ECON 6G03 may apply to be moved from the regular stream of their program to the work integrated learning (WIL) stream associated with their degree program. 


The number of students who will be accepted into the WIL stream of the relevant program will be small and may change over time. Admission to the stream does not guarantee a placement. Working with information available to the department and through their own efforts and contacts, a WIL stream student will compete for and apply for positions on their own. These positions can be held anywhere in the world. To complete the WIL stream, students must work in either one or two placements and successfully complete both ECON 796 and ECON 797. 


Please refer to the program information page in the Academic Calendar for more details about the WIL stream.